jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

My Favourite Book

My favourite book's tittle is Bathsheba the Witch. The autor is Jane Elizabeth Cammack. In this book we find characters such as: Bathsheba, Captain Troy, Cobweb, Dr Miracle, The Wizard, Gulliverd and Sofia. The story takes place in a village called Sunnyville.
This story is about a witch called Bathsheba, her job is to change the wather of a village called Sunnyville, that is always sunny days.
One day, Bathsheba goes to the village, she sees a soldier called Captain Troy, she falls in love with him. So she makes a love potion for the soldier, but she gives the potion to another man by mistake.
A lot of things happen, and in the end Bathsheba and Captain Troy are together.

I'd recomend this book to everybody because it's very funny and it's full of love and adventure.

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